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Short hair with Liu Hair Street

Liu Hai, who can match short hair, let us tell you about which street bangs are the best. Regardless of length, BOBO head or elf head, you can find the most suitable.

Thick bangs

Relatively thick short hair style, it is best to use a thicker bangs to match, in order to appear not abrupt, do not use air bangs.

Slanting bangs

The fluffy LOB head, in addition to the air bangs, can also give yourself a big side, and then put the bangs behind the ear, is also a good way to let the hair naturally rise.

Liu Hai to the eyebrows

For a straight and short straight hair BOB head, the bangs should not exceed the eyebrows, which is the most suitable length.

Fluffy bangs

The bangs with the head of the elf, the longest part, do not exceed the eyebrows. Otherwise it will look very embarrassing.

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